Prince George has got a new nanny! She is Spanish and…

There is a new arrival at Kensington Palace: a new nanny for Prince George. She will come with the Royal Family in the first trip of Prince George (READ HERE).

The baby sitter, according to some sources, has over thirty years, comes from Spain and is “married to the job“. The new nanny will take the place of Jessie Webb, who helped Kate and William in the first period .

She was hired just three weeks before the trip of the Royal family in New Zealand and Australia (expected in April, READ HERE), so that she and George can get to know. Although it we don’t know the name, we know that the
her arrival in the United Kingdom from Spain a couple of decades ago, she “has worked for other families of high-profile”.

She is not married and does not have a boyfriend: her life is totally dedicated to the family where she is working and she is very professional. This would be the perfect curriculum for the nanny of your choice.


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